Why Hire A New Jersey Workers' Compensation Attorney?

If you suffer a work-related injury and your workers' compensation claim is accepted as compensable by your employer or its insurance company, you would still be wise to hire an experienced workers' compensation attorney.

You may feel that your company's insurance provider undervalued your injuries, or you may have had your benefits cut off. A treating physician may have determined that you have reached the point of maximum medical improvement (MMI) and that no further treatment will improve your medical health. At this point, the workers' compensation carrier may try to stop your temporary total benefits or stop providing you with additional medical treatment. You now will need an experienced workers' compensation attorney to help you get these benefits reinstated.

In other cases, a treating physician may tell your employer that you are ready to return to work, but you feel you cannot adequately perform your job duties. In these situations, I can help you request a second medical opinion.

Put An Experienced Workers' Compensation Attorney In Your Corner

At the Law Office of Paul Tendler in Somers Point, I have helped hundreds of injured parties in New Jersey maximize the amount they recovered in workers' compensation and Social Security Disability Insurance cases.

I have over 30 years of legal experience assisting individuals with workers' compensation issues. The judges who hear these cases regard me as a knowledgeable workers' compensation lawyer who only represents clients who are truly injured.

Why hire a workers' compensation attorney? Because if your claim has been denied, if you are not satisfied with the medical care you are receiving, or you feel your case has been undervalued, you deserve your day in court.

Contact me to schedule a free initial consultation. I will review the facts of your case, answer your questions and recommend the best course of action. I work all cases on a contingency fee basis, which means I only receive an attorney fee if I obtain a financial recovery for you.